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With our passion to help and extensive experience, we are offering you the best solution to your tax problems.

Tax Resolution

Tax Armour Inc: Tax Resolution services from dedicated experts to provide, relief, closure, and to leave peace of mind without tax troubles.


Having tax troubles? Do you owe the IRS? Approximately 8.2 million Americans share the same distress, but did you know there are experts in tax debt relief and tax resolution? Tax Armour Inc is the answer. Our dedicated experts will personalize your case and perform a financial analysis to determine: payment plans, hardship programs, and look for other eligible aspects to each case, or settle for pennies on the dollar! 


Offer In Compromise

Currently Not Collectible

Installment Agreement 

Partial Pay Installment Agreement

Payroll Tax Negotiation (Tax Form 941 Liability)

Innocent Spouse Relief

IRS Bank Levy Release

Wage Garnishment Release

Tax Preparation

Tax Armour Inc., tax practice helps businesses and individuals throughout USA minimize their tax burden.

Tax Armour Inc. prepares Individual/Business Tax Returns without errors to ensure you are audit proof.  We prepare current tax returns and tax returns from several years back even if you don’t have the tax documents for the previous years.  We specialize in:


1040 Tax Return

1065 Partnership Tax Return

1120S and 1120C Tax Returns

Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)


  1. FinCen114

  2. Statements of Specified Foreign Financial Assets


Failure to file any of the tax returns mentioned above will cause expensive failure to file penalties, failure to pay, and including penalties for non-willful and willful non-compliance for FinCen114 and Statements of Specified Foreign Financial Assets.

Tax Audits

If you have been selected by the IRS or State Agency for an audit, Tax Armour Inc. can help. We specialize:


Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax Audits also known as Tax Examinations

IRS Tax Reconsideration (if you missed to respond to an audit)


Franchise Tax Board Audits (FTB)


Employment Development Department (EDD) Employee Wage Expense Audits


California Dept of Tax and Fee Admin Sales Tax Audit formerly known as State Board of Equalization (SBOE).


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About Us

Tax Resolution Specialist You Can Trust

Serving the Bay Area and Anywhere in the U.S


Tax Armour Inc. with a network of experienced attorneys and its staff of over 18 years of experience in the finance industry including tax solutions have been specializing in personal/business taxation. The licensed Tax Resolution Specialists are very knowledgeable, energetic, passionate, and believe in people getting a second chance with their tax liability.  Therefore, we fight for the best tax solution. We will contact the client as needed to update the progress of the case because we understand the importance of communication.


Tax Armour Inc. was founded by Jesus Soto. Jesus has a Bachelor’s Degree from San Jose State University in Accounting and a Master’s Degree in Finance/Accounting from Keller Graduate School of Management. Jesus is also a licensed realtor, insurance agent, and an enrolled agent specializing in tax issues.  He has 18+ years of experience in the finance industry. Jesus has worked for a tax resolution specialist company and a tax law firm where he found his passion for helping people.  He provided positive results and decided he can best help people by starting a new company that is customer service oriented. 


We want customers that are serious about putting their tax worries behind them.  If you are serious, we will dedicate our time, expertise, and care to help you. We care more about the quality of our work rather than how many cases we process.


We are currently serving the following Counties: 


  • Santa Clara

  • Alameda

  • Contra Costa

  • Marin County

  • San Francisco

  • San Mateo

  • Solano

  • Santa Cruz

  • San Benito

  • Napa 

  • San Joaquin

  • Monterey County


And anyone who owes the IRS; does not matter what part of the world you are at


We perform a financial analysis, and an overall case examination to provide the client with a clear expectation on the solution of the case. Our mission statement is to lessen the tax liability burden to provide the taxpayer with the best tax solution and the best customer experience in regards to results and service.


Client Testimonials

Josh Phillip

Thorough and Professional. Would recommend to anyone who wants a water tight tax return. Very knowledgable about international / expat situations.

Gabriella Spring

Excellent service! Jesus really knows expat accounting. The highest quality accounting service I’ve ever come across.

Louise Maxwell

Tax Armour Inc. provides not only excellent service, but they put their customers first and work hard to save them money on their annual taxes.


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