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Jesus Humberto Soto, a born native of Yuba City, California, a small metropolitan city at the seat of Sutter county. Mr. Soto was raised in a single parent household, so hardship was a former commodity. Mr. Soto began his journey in Finance at the Yuba City College where he acquired his Associates degree in 2005; he relocated to San Jose CA and in 2008 graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting at San Jose State University (SJSU). By 2010, He had graduated with his master’s degree in finance. Mr. Soto has over18 years of finance experience. Mr. Soto worked for a Tax Debt Relief Company and a Tax Attorney Law Firm for approximately 4 years. He filed individual and small business tax returns. He has represented tax debt clients with the IRS, FTB, EDD, and CDTFA formerly known as SBOE. Mr. Soto has a strong passion for alleviating tax debt. He negotiates installment agreements, Currently Not Collectible Status, Offer in Compromise, Lien Subordination, and other assessments that reduces liability. He has experience in appealing decisions with the IRS and the State. Mr. Soto was remarkably successful in his job with the Tax Law Firm which prompted him to start his own business- Tax Armour Inc.

Jesus is a licensed enrolled agent and Licensed Realtor

"Being raised by a single mother, I understand how financial hardship affects families. I have a strong passion for helping people with tax debt. If you are feeling overwhelmed, sleepless, and stressed out over tax debt, finding the perfect help is important. I am the perfect help because I genuinely care and being able to provide you with a fresh start is a great reward to me".

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