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An audit appeal usually happens when the taxpayer fails to respond or the Taxpayer is not in agreement with the IRS findings, an appeal may be requested to the Appeals Office.

Turn to tax armour in San Jose, CA for audit defense

Maybe you claimed an unusually high amount of deductions, and now the IRS is auditing you. Try not to stress about your tax audit. Tax Armour Inc. will deal with the IRS so you don't have to.

You can count on our tax specialist to:

  • Review your state or federal income tax return for accuracy
  • Communicate with state or IRS tax representatives
  • Walk you through the auditing process

You'll be glad you turned to us for state or federal audit defense.

¡BRING US UP TO SPEED! What items on your tax return raised red flags? Did the IRS ask for supporting documents or request an in-office tax audit? We'll ask you questions like these so we can better understand your situation.

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